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2013 Spring and Summer Clothing

The famous clothing brand “Lanvin” from France recently released the 2013 spring and summer clothing garments. The tall golden French models enjoy showing Lanvin’s charisma, Click here to see the new released spring, summer garments.

Lanvin 2013 spring and summer fashion show is a beauty of classic and modern combination. The overall feeling of this new combination is a solid maturity. It is this season's clothing. Lanvin continues to adhere to its own style, high style women in tubular shape, all the rage!

Lanvin’s designers in Paris literary salon take classical art inspiration to design a mature, simple and strong feeling for the new season’s clothing. Specially designed Lanvin style is based on the famous painting "Painting Women" (Picture Dress) and get inspiration from the medieval church's stained glass painting "Lanvin Blue" (Lanvin Blue). Jeanne Lanvin favored the use of embroidery techniques with variety of topic designs on a single color background which play a decorative effect on plain colored fabric. It is very eye catching and attractive.

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